Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

This is currently one of my favorite layouts. Unfortunately, this scan is dark and it just doesn't do the layout justice. I completed this a few weeks ago, although the picture is a few months old. Ella was around 2 months old when this photo was taken. I remember being so in awe of this photo. Ella had very bad colic, as well as allergies to soy and milk. There were times I thought she'd never be happy! But she was so peaceful and beautiful when she was sleeping. And now that she's so much older, I miss those newborn moments. Kids just grow up too fast!

Journaling reads:

My sweet, precious Ella. This is my favorite picture of you so far. You are sto angelic, peaceful, tiny, and fresh. Tiny face, tiny fingers, delicate eyelashes, delicate nose. Such a nice moment amidst the overall loudness of your first few months! The only time we see you in a peaceful moment is when you are sleeping. And when I see you like this, it makes all of the unpleasantness go away. I love you so much. I am so thankful for you and so grateful that God gave you to me. I know that one day I will look back at this picture with longing for the days of your infanthood. You are my sweet girl, Ella, and you always will be.


Sammy said...

Beautiful, friend!! You are so talented-I could never put something like that together, maybe I should hire you to do my albums! Love you!

Melissa said...

Thanks friend! You probably wouldn't want to pay me what I charge! LOL!! Actually, I'm doing an album for someone right now and I ask $15 for a 2pg spread. That includes supplies. As of right now, she has 18 layouts for me. Should be some big bucks! I'm lucky that I get to make money doing what I love.

Oh-and yes, you could scrapbook like this. It just takes studying the magazines and trends and then going for it!