Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's been a long couple of weeks and there just isn't much to write about. I am so tired these days. Ella still isn't sleeping through the night so I don't get the best sleep in the world. I've also been working a ton of hours. I'm getting ready for a MOM2MOM sale on Saturday-a chance to sell the clothes my girls no longer need and get some money for stuff they do need. Since Ella desperately needs some shoes, I'm probably going straight to the shoe store after the sale! :)

So life is just about the day in and day out these days. MOPS started today and we had 32 ladies!! That's almost 10 more than last year. I really look forward to Tuesday mornings. It's a chance to just relax and get a break from being a mom.

I guess that's all until something more exciting happens around here!!

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Sammy said...

dear friend I am looking so forward to Chicago where we can hang out and be "kids" again!. I love you and hang in there!