Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween Party

Eeyore and Butterfly, enjoying their donuts.

Me and Ella

Daddy and Ella

Ella and Emma with the scarecrow

Saturday we went to the community center for the annual Children's Halloween Party. The kids got to visit the scarecrow and also a person dressed as a pumpkin. They got to trick-or-treat a little too. Although, Ella had no interest in holding her pumpkin. She was too interested in everything else going on! We then headed outside for some big inflatable games. After standing in the rain for 20 minutes, waiting for Emma to finish jumping around in the games, we ran over to the donut tent for cider and donuts. Lots of fun was had by all-and the best part was that it was entirely free!


pandacanup said...

The girls are so cute!!! We didn't get to go to our friends' halloween party b/c we were out of town. I think we're going to the "harvest party" at church this weekend though. I still don't know what the kids are going to "be."
Hope to talk soon.
We love you guys.

pandacanup said...

By the way...
check out the McArthur article that Amy's Humble Musings has listed in her links. It's called "Christians and Halloween" and it's really interesting...not what you'd think. I mean, J.M. is always interesting, but not all Christians and Halloween articles are.
love you!

Sammy said...

Sooooooo cute, Melissa, I'm so sad I can't see them in person! Glad you guys had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures! I saw your comments on Lydia's blog, too. I'll try sending an email.