Friday, October 27, 2006

What a Day!

It's only 5pm, and I feel like singing, "We've Only Just Begun." In the past half hour, I have attempted to feed both children, cleaned up mac and cheese off the floor (Ella), and tried to scrap Nutella off as well (Emma was eating it by the spoonful and it fell off her spoon. Before I could grab it, she stepped in it three or four times around the dining room.) Here's something to ponder- Why, oh why would someone want carpet in their dining room? Nuff said. Good thing we were planning to clean the carpets this weekend.

Let's see. I have also just fished Ella out from between 2 stacks of Rubbermaid tubs, with 2 stacks in each tub. Right after that I pulled her out from the desk. Yes, she had climbed inside the desk, right on top of the printer.

This is all just normal stuff around here. Normally I can handle it pretty well. That is, of course, on nights that I get a decent amount of sleep. Not the case last night. You see, last night at around 8pm, I agreed to make a 12x12 wedding scrapbook for customer at the store I work at. The good part is, she bought the class kit that we were selling, so all I had to do was cut out the pieces, do a little inking and crystal lacquering, and put it together. The bad part is, she wants it tonight! How much does one charge for such a request? A pretty penny. $100, to be exact. And it took me till 2 am to do 20 pages.

So, today was a crazy day. I wasn't rested. I just now washed my hair in the bathroom sink (no time for a shower), and I'm waiting for my DH to get home so I can run out the door to work. I haven't looked forward to work like this in a long time! I just need a break. Yes, customers can be demanding. But at least I won't have to repeat myself 50 times before the customer stops asking the same question.

Ahh, motherhood. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but sometimes I just need a rest. Guess that thought will have to wait. The weekend doesn't hold out much hope for one either but I'll make it. And hey- I'll have an extra $100 in pocket too!

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