Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I love about my Hubby

In honor of my hubby's birthday this week!

1. He was never wishy-washy in pursuing a relationship with me.

2. He's friendly and outgoing.

3. He is a follower of Jesus.

4. He's a good bit taller than me. (He's 6'2")

5. His hands are bigger than mine- a must, since I have large hands!

6. He is a wonderful father to our girls.

7. He is a very hard worker, and always finishes what he's working on.

8. He has brown hair with a tint of red-something he's passed on to our daughters!

9. He knows how to fix our cars when they break down-saving us a ton of money!

10. He's always willing to help someone in need.

11. He's a great cook-especially nice when I don't have any dinner ideas!

12. He'll try any food at least once.

13. He's a faithful husband to me and loves me and the girls unconditionally!

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Jaime said...

So sweet. He sounds like a great man.

Happy TT.

lrlwreath said...

What a sweet list, you are indeed blessed.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds like a wonderful man! You are truly blessed. Happy Birthday to your husband:D

Heather said...

Wonderful, I love hubby thirteens. THey always remind me to be grateful for my wonderful hubby as well.

Caylynn said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. He sounds like a great guy. :)

Happy T13. :)

Jane said...

Well I do believe you have a keeper! I have a godly husband too and it is such a blessing.
Thanks for visiting my T13.

pandacanup said...


He's surely a great guy--I guess it runs in the family!

Love you guys,
XOXOXO to Emma and Ella

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Melissa's Husband - since I don't remember reading your name. :o)