Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

13 of My Favorite Things!

1. Cuddling up in bed on a rainy day with a fluffy down comforter and a good book.

2. Going to a 12-hour scrapbooking day at my local scrapbooking store!

3. The smell of coffee, eggs, and bacon in the morning.

4. Holding hands with my husband.

5. Holding my youngest when she's tired. She likes to get her paci and blanket and snuggle up with me in a chair.

6. Singing along with my oldest to her favorite tunes in the car.

7. Waking up to a winter wonderland on Christmas morning. The bigger the flakes, the better!

8. All Christmas music... except maybe that "I want a Hippopatomus for Christmas" song. I hate it, I really do. And it's already driving me crazy and it's only the middle of November. Why must they play it over and over and over and over.....

9. Comments on my blog- who doesn't love getting these?

10. A letter from an old friends. And really, these are so rare these days with email being the prefered choice of communication. But there is nothing like getting an actual handwritten letter in the mail. So personal and meaningful.

11. The eiffel tower. Ever since I can remember, I've had a love for Paris and the French language, and basically all things French. A fresh baguette and hunk of Compte cheese just can't be beat!

12. Spending time with family. It's safe, warm, and comfortable.

13. Grey's Anatomy- my one show during the week that I NEVER miss. Don't call during this time. Really. I won't talk to you. :)

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scribbit said...

Well here's my attempt to add to your happiness, given #9

Firefly said...

I'm still working on getting my TT up, but I thought I'd let you know I dropped by to read yours. Have you ever been to France? I haven't, but I think it would be nice. The French countryside sounds beautiful. It looks beautiful, too, if Van Gogh was painting the truth. ;)

Sanni said...

I have been to Paris last weekend... visiting the Eiffel-Tower as well, watching the light-show at 7pm captivated like a child having a look at a christmas tree :)

Happy TT from Germany,

marlise said...

Your list is becoming part of my Thursday routine. Finding out more fun and interesting things about my friend makes for a great procrastination tactic. ;)

pandacanup said...

Once again, I'm jealous of your snow! Ditto on the Christmas music, though. The weather down here may not say "'tis the season," but at least the stereo can help us imagine "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

Love you guys!!

Jennifer said...

I love getting actual letters in the mail! One of my favorite things!!

great TT!


Sweet Kitty said...

Uh, I like your list so very very much!
I agree to all points except number 5 and 6 coz I have no children yet.
But I'm really in for a "Winterwonderland-Walk". I so hope it'll be a white christmas over here this year!

Happy TT from Germany,

Mama Duck said...

Ooooo, sleep ;). Happy TT!

David said...

Great list! I can identify with several of these. One thing, though: "I want a Hippopatomus for Christmas"? Haven't heard it. If it's as annoying as you describe, though, I WANT IT! (Next time our [bad, BAD!] new neighbors begin another late night, loud party, I wanna put it on a loop and play it for 'em.


Sammy said...

Dearest friend, I love how everyone was particularly drawn to # 11. And then I started thinking..wouldn't it be fun if we went on a girlfriend trip to France one day?!! Well, maybe we can bring the hubbies but we have to stay joined at the hip!

MommyBa said...

Grey's Anatomy - I so agree with you! It's also now part of my favorite things!

Happy weekend!