Friday, December 29, 2006

Life is Not Fair

Ella would rather using her gifts as climbing objects, rather than find out what is inside!

Life is not fair. It's really not. Phrases like, "Why me?" and "Not again" are coming to mind. I AM SO TIRED! The problem is, apparently, my youngest child is not. As I write, it is currently 6:04am. And while that never used to seem so terribly early, let me tell you that in my current world, we've been going strong for a good 45 minutes now. Ella just does not sleep in! And this is all after a night of repeatedly waking up-I think we were up around 10 times last night. Repeated attempts at drugging with cold medicine didn't even work! Just kidding, but seriously, she has a bad cold and it seems that she can't sleep for longer than 45 minutes at a time. At which point she wakes up. Screaming. Kicking. Throwing her head back in utter contempt as I attempt to do anything other than what she wants me to do, which is take her into the living room and rock her back to sleep. Since when do we do that? Trust me, Ella is not a rock-back-to-sleep sort of baby. Never has been. But suddenly, that is what she wants. I finally brought her into bed with me at 4:30am with vain dreams of her sleeping till at least 7am. Nope. Awake at 5:15. Climbing all over us, whining and fussing to be let down.

And what is she doing right now? She's got the annoying, incredibly loud push-popper going. You know, the ones that every church nursery has because every parent in the world has regretted their decision to purchase said push-popper and thus,upon discovering that this toy REALLY gets annoying, lovingly donates it to the church nursery. (The last time I saw my Grandma, she said, and I quote, "Oh, we had those at the daycare I used to work at. I was really good at making sure they didn't pop anymore." Maybe she can come work some magic at my house.) And if that weren't loud enough, she is repeatedly banging it into the tv cabinet, for extra effect. I am not laughing.

Ok. I'm done with my ranting and raving. Off to go track down the youngster, who has moved on to climbing on top of things. Really, one can never miss a beat with her.


Julie said...

I love Grandma. Seven babies...she doesn't mess around. Does Ella have "motion sickness"? I seem to remember Mom giving us loving doses of Dramamine, which is practically a mini-vacation.

The German Girl said...

Oh, you poor thing. I feel for you. Been there, done that. Fortunately both my kids are now great sleepers. Hang in there... it'll get better.

Sammy said...

Melissa, Merry late Christmas, my friend! I hope little Ella is starting to feel better and maybe you can make that popper disappear?! I have family in town right now but I'll give you a call next week. I miss you!

Barb said...

Just reading this brought back those memories and made me tired. Really, it does get better.

There's a little thingy on the bottom of that popcorn popper, if I remember correctly, that can be removed. :-) We did the same thing with the hot wheels - the clacker almost drove us nuts.

Thank you for visiting my place. I hope the little one gets over that cold soon and you all welcome the new year a lot more rested.

pandacanup said...

on a lighter note...

stephen did the same thing with every one of his presents. that's so funny! I guess a lot of babies do the climbing thing, but none of mine had quite the same passion for it.

the girls looked so beautiful, sniff, sniff. we missed you so much!