Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

13 Things I'm excited about this Christmas
1. Spending time with my parents, my brother and future sister in law, my husband, and kids.
2. Emma's big Christmas gift from us- a play kitchen. She's been talking about this for at least a month and I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it!
3. Ella's big Christmas gift from us- the Little People Farm. Ella's really into Little People right now, so I know she's going to love it. Of course, she'll probably be more facinated with the box at first! :)
4. My gift for Todd. I can't reveal it now, but I'm really excited to give it to him. I hope he's surprised.
5. Getting my wedding rings back from the jewelers and wearing them for the first time in 4 years!!
6. Dressing the girls up in their Christmas dresses for church on Sunday.
7. Sitting down to a nice meal with my family. My mom and dad are great cooks!
8. Making Grandma Collier's Christmas rice salad. This is a huge tradition in my family and I have the honor of making it now.
9. Opening stockings and christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. This is also another tradition in our family.
10. Continuing to receive a ton of Christmas cards in the mail. I don't know why, but I just love getting them! And I finally got the rest of mine in the mail, so that is off my list of things to do.
11. Watching "The Christmas Story" with my parents. This is my dad's favorite Christmas movie and is also one of many traditions. By the way, has anyone seen that cell phone commercial spoof of the movie? It's great!
12. Again, just spending time with family. Whether it's Todd's family or mine, it's just nice to be together at the holidays.
13. Taking a few moments to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Setting aside all the traditions, the commercialization, the moments with family...Christmas is really about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to die for the sins of the world, that we might all be saved. I think that is my favorite of all.

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Lindsay said...

great list, I am so excited about Christmas too!!!
mines up

Rashenbo said...

So cool that you get tons of Christmas cards... I got ONE! :) I haven't worn my wedding band in probably five years... my husband and I both.. um... grew... and we've never had them resized... :) That's something we need to do.

Thank you for sharing your list. Christmas is so exciting. Your Ella is going to be so excited! We got Pea Pie a guitar with an amp!!! WE are so CRAZY. :)


Writing Aspirations

East of Oregon said...

I love your list! Merry Christmas :)

kristarella said...

13 is definitely a good one...

I tried to make crunchy noodle salad once but it just wasn't the same as hubby's grandmother's.

Le laquet said...

Will you come back after Christmas and tell us what you bought him? Thanks for the visit earlier :o)

Laura said...

only 4 more days!!!!!
i am excited too even if i have to work.
my tt is up.

pandacanup said...

we will miss you guys this year, but I know you'll have a great time!! Our Christmas card should be there soon--I mailed them Monday.
Love you!

JO said...

great list!

Merry Christmas!

amy said...

you have lots to look forward to

Skittles said...

Sounds like there's going to be a lot of happy people! Happy TT and thx for dropping by mine.

Norma said...

A wonderful list--especially #13. My kids loved "little people" and I think the farm, house, gas station, etc. were made of wood then.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen--remembering special Christmas gifts here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful List. Enjoy time with your family.

Happy TT

Sanni said...

I love your Christmassy list!

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
P.S.: Please visit my TT #6 - Thanks a lot!

i am jen [with1n] said...

What a wonderful list...glad to hear about your wedding bands. (we just bought ours...)

Happy TT! Thanks for visiting!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

What a wonderful list! Your daughter is going to be so excited for that kitchen. I wish I could see her face:) I think my favorite is # 13. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

momtoanangel said...

My husband's name is Todd too, and unfortunately without snow in Michigan for Christmas, he won't be able to enjoy his snowmobile. You had a great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sweet Kitty said...

Great list! I'm excited too! But I've got lot to do until Christmas! See in my TT-List!

Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,
Have a wonderful Christmas Time!!!!

Sweet like Kitty
Sonny's Xmas

Sparky Duck said...

I love the commercialization though :)

Janene said...

What a wonderful list! It's gonna be a really "tight" Christmas for us this we don't have many presents to get excited about. We are really working on focusing on spending time with family and being merry without the gifts. I am looking forward to eating a lot of yummy food, too! :)

I did see that commercial and LOVED it! What an awesome idea! hehehe

Thanks for stopping by and voting for a baby girl name. :)

Have a Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

I ams so excited about Christmas too!!! We got a Katelyn a kitchen too, and can't wait to see how excited she gets.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

Lindsey said...

I love that cell phone commercial. They did a great job of replicating the scenes and the characters from the movie.

"You'll run the bill up!"

Happy TT, and Merry Christmas!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm looking forward to spendimg time with my family too. My oldest sister and her family have yet to see my 8-month-old daughter. So exciting about your rings. I'd go crazy without mine. Merry Christmas!

Debby said...

Great list! There is nothing like spending time with family for the holidays! Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays!

Janet said...

I love getting cards, much fun!

JAM said...

Really good list. Being with family is awesome, and family traditions like your grandmother's dish is special.

Merry Christmas!

alisonwonderland said...

nice list. amid the chaos of "last-minute" preparations today, i'm trying to remember the good parts . . . you helped! thanks!

merry christmas!

Jennie said...

Great list! Sounds like you're in for a wonderful holiday! Thanks for visiting my TT!

kontan said...

Have a great celebration!

Thanks for stopping by

MarillaAnne said...

Brings back great memories of being young with young :~) ... I'm glad you're working at making Christmas so memorable and have a host of helpers to make it so.

My Thursday Thirteen covers my week's wanderings on the web. There's lots of snowflake fun most of which involves producing snowflakes and there's a flakey way to give to the Salvation Army without it costing a penny.

There's also a couple of people telling their life stories in ways that take my breath away. I am encouraging people to go give these ladies some encouragement in a comment.

Soooo ... all that to say I hope you'll stop by my Thursday 13 (like the day after Christmas when the kids are all fascinated with their kitchen)

Nice to meet you through the Thursday 13!

have fun,

Judy Callarman said...

A lovely list! Christmas is wonderful because of family members and Jesus! Thanks for visiting my blog--

kooky kay said...

Me too! Except that my Xmas mail list is late again ...