Monday, May 07, 2007

Everyday Life

I've been having trouble blogging lately because it just doesn't seem like much is happening. So I guess I'm going to just ramble. You've been warned.

The past few weeks have been really hectic as we've had trouble with both of our vehicles. I guess this is just the year for car repairs because by the time we get Todd's car fixed, we'll have spent close to $2,500 on repairs since February. Uggh! I know it's cheaper than an extra car payment, but man, it really hurts. I think if it were just Todd's car acting up, we'd consider getting a "new" used car for him. But the van has had significant problems as well and has a lot more that needs to be fixed. We just keep plugging away at them both. We still don't know how we'll get the money to fix Todd's car, but God has provided so far and I know He'll provide for this too.

All of this car trouble has made it more challenging to run my Body Shop business. Fortunately I have scheduled most of my parties on weekends and mornings, which works out great anyway. No babysitter to pay!

The girls are continuing to grow and change. Emma is so exciting about turning 4 next week. Ella is speaking more and more words. She's also throwing more and more fits, and I think we've entered the terrible 2's a bit early.

We've been having a lot of dance parties around here lately. There's some really catchy tunes that I've downloaded from itunes and the girls love them! Ella loves to dance, especially. We've been listening to the latest from Lincoln Brewster and Tobymac. The girls really love to put their hands in the air and jump up and down. Ella really gets into a groove and adds some head bobbing and footwork to the mix. It's a fun way to cut the stress and lighten things up when the girls get cranky. It's really funny to try to see Emma try to do the running man. I can't imagine who showed them such cheesy moves, but they love them! Just a few minutes ago I got a flashback of Ms. Bray's (my junior high choir director) dance moves. I'm telling you, it was all in the thumbs. Michelle, you are probably the only reader who knows what in the sam hill I am talking about.

On a completely random note, I just looked at the pictures from my last post and my eldest daughter just made me smile. She loves that shirt she is wearing. Everytime we go somewhere and she has that shirt on, she tells me, "Mama, I'm going to show them all my new pony shirt!" And I smile and say, "That's nice honey." Because I'm such a nice Mama. I would never tell her that most people don't really care about her pony shirt and she doesn't have to announce it everywhere we go. That's just Emma. She gets excited about these things. And the other day she asked me to paint her toenails. Ever since then, she has proudly shown those toenails to many a captive audience, exclaiming as she does, "Look! I have nakeup on my toes! My mama put nakeup on my toes, just like hers!" And yes, I did mean to type "nakeup." That's what she calls it. Can it get any cuter around here? Why yes it can. Emma has been attempting to learn to hopscotch and jumprope. Pictures are sure to follow.

And by now, I'm thinking that all 5 of you out there who read my blog, have surely grown tired of my rambling. It's only going to get worse people, because I have no idea how I'm even typing a coherent sentence. It's 11:30 at night. I must sleep. Ella has been on a 5:30am kick the past few days and I seriously cannot handle it much longer. Somebody send me some room-darkening shades! Please! I beg you! It should not be allowed to be sunny in my children's room at 5:30 in the morning! And on a final note, someone please explain this to me. A half an hour ago, I walked by the girls' room and noticed their light was on. I put Emma to bed 3 hours ago, and she probably turned it on shortly after that, so it's been on for a while. And the girls are both fast asleep. With the overhead light on. Not a peep from them. So why is it that when the slightest bit of light starts to shine through their blinds in the morning, their precious heads pop up and they are ready to start the day? Oh what I wouldn't give to have just one Saturday morning from my days in college. You know, sleeping in till noon or 1pm. I'm telling you, that was the life!

And on that note, and I promise this is really the end,

Good night.

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Lydia said...

As one of your at least five readers: I enjoy the ramblings! It's good to keep up with you again. :) Have a good week and watch out for macaroni noodles.... (ugh!) :)