Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Emma!

Our sweet precious girl turned 4 on May 17. We celebrated with a homemade cake and a trip to ToysRUs to get a bike.

Emma's 2nd cake was storebought and we celebrate with her grandparents.

Someone's very proud of her new bike!

Posing for the camera with the handmade tutu and sweater that Aunt Julie made for her!
What a pretty ballerina!


michelle collazo said...

first of all...she is a gorgeous ballerina!!, and she totally looks like you, melissa, in that last photo! second of all...very jealous of that beautiful cake you made! i think the homemade ones are the best, and very much remind me of mom; i honestly don't recall her buying birthday cakes...always homemade.
love, love, love the bike. emma does, too, obviously. oh, watch for a little package from us this next week.

marlise said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! The bike's adorable, the tutu is adorable, and the cake--oh my word, it's beautiful. I'm seeing yet another of your talents for creativity. Amazing!

Karen said...

Too cute! Thank you for sweet comments of encouragement on my blog!!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

You daughter is so cute!