Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Sweets

We spent much of the afternoon outside today since the weather was so nice and mild. I think we hit the mid 80's, much cooler than it was last week. The kids played hard, so they needed a snack after a while. Since I had scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom while they were outside, I needed a break too! I couldn't resist grabbing the camera for some sweet, sticky pictures.

Ella just loves her watermelon! She ate about 3 pieces, all the way down to the rind.


Emma, posing for a sweet picture. She loves to have her picture taken!

Ella, enjoying the sunshine and her sweet treat. She's standing next to the ever-popular climing tree in our backyard. The kids can't keep themselves out of it!

Tonight promises to be a treat for me and Todd too, since we've got a babysitter coming and we get to go out for once! Seriously, I think Valentine's Day was our last date, so this is a long time coming!


Sammy said...

Yayyy, you get to go out! I hope you guys have a great time! I can't believe how big those sweet girls are getting, and I love that picture of Emma by the tree!

marlise said...

Those are great pictures! It looks like the girls had a great time. I love that picture of Emma, too. I hope you and Todd had a great time out on Sunday.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I have an Ella, too! My youngest of 5. Actually she is Elliana, but we call her Ella. I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you!