Monday, July 09, 2007

Trying to Survive the Heat

Well it sure is hot around here these days. We've had temps in the upper 90's and heat indexes over 100. This is a problem when you have young children.

Have you ever noticed that children will play outside no matter what? Sweat could be pouring down their faces, their wet hair matted down to their heads, and they still want to keep going.

Adults, on the other hand, tend to be the opposite. I'm one to try to stay inside, no matter what. I prefer the 60's or 70's to the weather we've had lately. Give me those temps, and I think I'd want to be outside all day too.

We've had to be creative when it comes to activities lately. Todd and I wouldn't let the girls outside on Saturday and Sunday, mainly because we knew we would get grumpy after about 30 seconds of direct sunlight. And more than a little burned. So we enjoyed movie after movie. But that really started to get old by Sunday afternoon.

So, today I decided that we would have to brave the heat and get out of the house. We ran some errands this morning, but still couldn't muster up the desire to spend any significant amount of time outdoors. But by this evening, even I was eager for some exercise and a change of scenery.

The girls and I donned several layers of sunscreen and headed out, stroller and bike in hand. I don't know how Emma can stand to wear her bike helmet in this weather, but I think the joy of riding is much stronger than the icky feeling of a sweaty head.

We only lasted about 1/2 an hour, but I must admit, it felt really good to be outside. The heat wasn't that bad either, just getting to us the last 5-10 minutes or so. We walked into our apartment and yanked off our shoes, all 3 of us collapsing into chairs or on the floor-water bottles in hand. There's just nothing like working up a sweat to give you a new appeciation for air conditioning and ice water.


Julie said...

You have air conditioning in your apartment? Ugh. Lucky. My circa 1972 complex clearly doesn't believe in it. Hello? Forecasting 100 degrees today. Yuck.

Sammy said...

We're right there with you-I still haven't done anything today-poor kids just sitting inside watching TV!

Jonathan said...

I think Julie forgot about a small gadget that has been around for some time called a window air conditioner...crazy girl