Monday, August 06, 2007

6 Years Ago

Our 6th wedding anniversary is on Saturday. Time has gone by so fast! We took lots of pictures on our honeymoon in Montana....unfortunately, something was wrong with my camera and most of the outdoor shots were extremely dark and impossible to decipher! Oh that we would've had a digital camera back then! Anyway, this is the best photo of the 2 of us, taken on a hike through Glacier National Park. I recently stumbled across this "Montana" tag that I bought a few years ago, and decided to create a page in honor of our anniversary. This was my first time to play with my new flourish stamps, and I'll admit, I had a tough time working with all of the elements that I wanted on my page. I'm still not sure I like the placement of everything, but the colors are perfect and the photo is my favorite part! Happy Anniversary Honey!


Sammy said...

I think it's beautiful! Happy Anniversary, my friend! I love you!

michelle collazo said...

very nice layout, melissa. the large stamp must be tricky to work with, but you pulled it off! disappointing about the honeymoon photos...maybe when you earn your trip to aruba it can be like a second honeymoon and you can take hundreds of stellar photos!

Chanda Canup said...

I love that page! I think the stamps look great -- you are very talented. You definitely have an eye for this stuff.

Hope you are having a wonderful anniversary! Love you!