Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Starbucks Controversy

It seems that there are some people, Christians and non-Christians, who are a bit upset about Starbucks' latest marketing campaign. Honestly, I don't know what they are so upset about.
Why do we as Christians feel so threatened by what non-believers think about God? They don't agree with our beliefs, so why would we expect them to say anything that promotes them?
Read the quote on the cup pictured. While I admit that it's a bit irreverant, there is a large element of truth to it. People tend to think of Heaven as this boring place where we are going to lay around in the clouds all day. If that's true, then why would anyone want that? What would be "Heaven" about a boring eternity?
Instead of criticizing Starbucks for putting quotes on their cups that are of different opinions than ours, perhaps we should embrace these quotes. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to us, or that friend or loved one with whom we would otherwise feel uncomfortable talking about these topics. What's the harm in conversation? I think it much better to go through life having difficult conversations, than to pass by people without a word, pretending that what we Christians have is not something that others would want to learn about.


Chanda Canup said...

You have to admit, if heaven was really encapsulated in that picture, the statement would be pretty true. The thing is, heaven isn't anything like that -- I don't remember any place in scripture that depicts it anything like that. You're right -- Christians need to stop being so slack in their willingness to write off the world's perspective of who we are and what our goal and final destination is. We need to be willing to explore those preconceptions and to reveal the Truth to those who don't know it. One of the enemy's biggest lies is that everything of God is overrated, that he can produce the same thing, even something we would like better. I'm proud of you for posting this...I couldn't agree more.

Sammy said...

...good thoughts, friend! "Heaven", by Randy Alcorn is a good, thoughtful read if you're interested. It left me filled with excitement and great hope!

Linda Vujnov said...

I love what you said about the Starbucks cup! Satan is a big fat liar and will continue to convince people that Hell is better than Heaven. I found your blog on Mel's blog roll. I am a blogging rookie, but trying to get techy. Your site is beautiful. I don't get all the blog roll stuff yet so bear with me. I'd love for you to visit me. I love MOPS too. I have spoken to some MOPS groups, and done some writing for their website and magazine. I hope you'll visit!