Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Ultimate Healing

On Monday, September 10, Amy Wilhoite passed away. To many of you, that name won't mean a thing. But some of you, like me, have been reading her story and praying for her for quite a while now. Her blog was one that I visited on a daily basis. I found it back in February and read every post, crying through most of it. I can't imagine what it was like to experience leukemia as a young, 20-something mother of a young boy-who is the same age as my Ella. And in a strange way, I felt like I lost someone who was a friend. I realize I never met her or spoke to her, but I prayed for her and I guess that I felt connected in that way.

So after I read about her passing on Monday, I started reading the comments that people left on her blog and following various links from those comments. There are so many others out there who have been fighting the same battle, and so many loved ones who are left behind to grieve after they pass. I began to feel really sad and I started to wonder why God would allow so much suffering to take place for those people, only to have them pass away in the end.

Well then I stumbled across this post, and it gave me some much needed perspective. Instead of questioning why God allows some to suffer, I began to realize that it's by God's grace and mercy that we aren't ALL suffering in such a way.

I want to encourage you to go read about Amy. She had strength and courage, yet remained honest and real in her posting. And pray for her husband, baby, and family that she leaves behind. I know that some tough days are ahead for them.

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Chanda Canup said...

Thanks for posting this, Melissa. I think you're right: there is something that draws us together when we pray for each other. Because we are of the same Spirit, I guess, and there's fellowship in that. You shared a good perspective on her suffering and death. God's mercy is truly amazing.
Love you.