Thursday, November 01, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

I just received this email. I had this little boy in nursery on Sunday, and it is just shocking to realize how fast this family's world has changed. Please pray!!

Below is a prayer request from our Pastor Don "P". This little boy is his grandson:

"Today has been one of those days that we don’t expect and cannot plan for. Our 7-month-old grandson went in for an MRI on a small lump on his back (one doctor thought it was just muscle because it was so hard), and they admitted him immediately to the oncology floor and strongly believe that it is cancer. The oncologist told us that he cannot be sure until he looks at tissue samples, but he is pretty sure even as to the kind of cancer that it is.
So Max is scheduled for surgery on Friday for biopsies and/or removal of the mass. The type of cancer they suspect typically goes into the bone and bone marrow, so they will biopsy that as well at the same time.
Please pray for Max, the doctors, and for his parents. We will, no doubt, be spending lots of time at Children’s Hospital in the days ahead. Pray that my wife and I will be able to encourage them along the way.
One note as you pray… the doctors have told us that the fact that Max is under a year old is huge in all this. Typically, very young children do much better with this cancer, even if it is advanced. So pray that in his youth, he will be able to fight off this cancer and do well in the next few days and weeks. We DO know that the Lord has this situation in His hands but He also says we are to go to Him in prayer for EVERYTHING and that is what I ask you to do now. "

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Norah Nick said...

Oh that poor family! I didn't realize babies got cancer too! I will definitely pray that everything goes well with his surgeries, biopsy, and recovery!!!