Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moments with my kids that make me smile..

Right now, Ella is watching Cinderella. It's her current favorite princess. And just let me tell you, nothing warms a mother's heart like hearing her 2 year old sing, "A dream is a wish your heart makes...." So cute!

Emma has been full of great moments lately. Yesterday we were in the car and we drove by a golf course that has a small bridge next to the road. Emma loves is bridge and always mentions it as we pass by. I guess yesterday she felt especially inspired because she started to sing..."We crossed the bridge, we crossed the bridge, we crossed the bridge, we croh, hossed...the...bridge." All to the tune of "God is so good." She kept singing it, each time adding a little diva-ness to the round. It was so precious!

And finally, yesterday I heard Emma telling Todd why she thought he ought to go to the park with us. It went something like this.."Daddy, you have to go to the park with us. We all have to go to the park together. It says so in the Bible." Sorry Emma, that's only going to work when you start quoting ACTUAL scripture. Sure got a smile out of me though.

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Chanda said...

oh I love it, Melissa! So precious!