Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well we have almost finished the first week of school, and things are going pretty well. Emma is really liking kindergarten. I noticed her talking to Ella in such a big-kid way today, being a helper and nurturing her. Ella has had a bit of a rough time adjusting to Emma not being here all day long. Today she kept saying, "It's time to go get Emma!" We stayed at home the 1st 2 days, but ventured out to the park to play today. I'm learning how to manage my time as well. It's so strange to only have one around the house! I'm craving a schedule, and I know I'll get there. My main goals are doing an even better job with housekeeping, potty-training Ella, and maybe having time once in a while to scrapbook!

Today I told Ella that if she can use the potty and not have accidents in her pants, then I will get her a Fancy Nancy dress-up outfit from Target. Oh boy! Not sure if that was a mistake or a good thing. She's asked me all evening for the dress. She did have an accident on the floor and was pretty upset that she's not getting that dress TODAY! I don't think she competely understands the incentive. But she loves dress-up clothes, and loves Fancy Nancy as well, so this will probably work!

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Chanda said...

haha! good idea! Fancy Nancy...hmmm...I'll have to check into that!