Sunday, August 13, 2006

What's that Smell?

Driving home from work tonight was a very stinky affair. I have never smelled so many skunks in my life as I have since I've lived in southeast Michigan the past 2 years. Man! I am positive they all live in this part of the state. I'm also sure that one caught a ride home with me because I could smell him the entire 15 minute drive!! And sure enough, upon exiting my vehicle, there was that awful smell again.

It's sad to say, but I really don't think I'd ever seen a skunk before moving here. I always heard how nasty and stinky they are, and was warned to never get near one. But I never had the opportunity until recently. A year ago to be exact.

It was yet another late night getting home from work. I was 6 months pregnant and it was 12:30 at night. I called Todd from my cell phone to let him know I was home. Since we live in an apartment, he always goes to the outside door to make sure I get in ok. Anyway, I'm walking up the sidewalk when I hear a rustling in the bushes by the door. All of a sudden, out pops this very large skunk. I cannot describe to you the panic I felt throughout my entire being. I immediately got my large, pregnant self back to my mini-van and just sat there, wondering how in the world I was going to get in my house. The idea of have skunk scent on me was enough to start the nausea up full force!

Anyway, it suddenly occured to me that there was anther entrance into my building, and I simply had to walk around the building to get in my house. To this day, I run from my car to my house every single time I get home late. And when I approach those bushes, a small part of me is still afraid I'll see my skunk friend again.

Why am I thinking about skunks at 1:03 am? I just walked passed those bushes and I'm also really wired from the candy and slushies I had a work. I need to get myself off to sleep before the baby begs for her "forever-getting-lost-under-the-crib" paci!


Lydia said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the note! It'll be nice to stay more caught up with you (as apparently I am unable to do so via phone, mail, or just driving to see you)!

BTW I drove by a dead skunk the other day-- now that I think about it, the first one I've seen/smelled in years. Maybe they have a thing for Oakland Co... :)


Sammy said...

You are so funny! I miss you friend, and I could imagine your story like I was watching a movie!