Friday, October 13, 2006

Recent Creations

A Cookie Tag Recipe Book that I created for a class at the Scrapbook Emporium. Ladies will bake a dozen of their favorite Christmas cookie and print the recipe on 3x5 white cardstock. We will take pictures of the cookies in class and taste the cookies. While they are putting the book together, we will print the pictures and they will go home with a picture and recipe for 8 of their favorite cookies in the class.

"A Family Tradition" page kit that I created for the Scrapbook Emporium. There is room for your favorite holiday recipe to be written down, as well as spots for photos of you preparing and enjoying the dish.

Left side of "The Search for the Perfect Tree" page kit for Scrapbook Emporium.

Right side of "The Search for the Perfect Tree" page kit for Scrapbook Emporium

Door Hanger Class that I designed for Scrapbook Emporium

This is about Emma meeting Ella for the 1st time in the hospital. It's in Emma's scrapbook.


pandacanup said...

Your designs are really great--you are very creative in this media!
The girls are so beautiful; and I'm so jealous of your snow. We probably won't see any this winter. We just put away our shorts.
By the way, your tip on the pics helped a lot. I decided to bypass the "blogger upload" tease altogether and load them myself in the html format...this worked great.
We love you guys--maybe we'll be able to come see you soon. If things work out with Scott's business venture that will free up our time considerably.
A Kiss to the Girls!!

Sammy said...

You're amazing!! I shouldn't be so amazed-I know you're such a creative girl!! We need a whole weekend away together to laugh, catch-up and scrapbook( that would be you scrapbooking and me watching over your shoulder!)

Jennifer said...

I really like your designs. The doorknob sign is really creative, and I like your use of the circle in the "me and my sister" layout.

thanks for sharing, you make me want to get out my scrapbook stuff.

Jenny in Ca

Melissa said...


Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you like my stuff. I have a lot of fun creating. Thanks for looking, and come back anytime!