Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Melissa

This Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to my best friend and college roommate-Sammy, who is on her way to visit our old stomping grounds as we speak! Wish I could go too!

My Thirteen Favorite Things about Chicago!

1. My alma mater- Moody Bible Institute.

2. Long walks throughout the city, especially at night.

3. Miles and miles of lakefront trails-perfect for the marathon training I did in 2000.

4. A Starbucks shop on every corner!

5. Armitage Baptist Church in Logan Square.

6. Devon Avenue-the all time best Indian food around!

7. Magnificent Mile- awesome shopping!

8. Blind Faith Cafe- ok, technically it's in Evanston, but THE BEST vegetarian food in the city!

9. State Street Ice Rink-many a fun time had during the winter!

10. Seattle's Best Coffee-yet another coffee shop on every corner. Our hangout place to "study" in the winter.

11. Whole Foods Market-yes, we do have these here in Michigan, but they are too far away and too expensive for me to shop at anymore. I used to work a few blocks from one in Chicago and loved walking there for lunch.

12. Navy Pier-great at night especially. With shopping, dining, an ice rink, a huge ferris wheel, and fireworks every weekend.

13. My memories-Chicago was were I went to college, where I met my best friends, where I met and married my husband, where I enjoyed the freedom of my singlehood. I wouldn't give up my life now, but those were some good days in

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twiga92 said...

Sounds awesome! I've visited Moody - it's a great campus. I went to Baptist Bible College in PA.

Stacitee said...

You make Chicago sound great! Happy TT!

AnnaMary said...

I always wanted to move to Chicago but somehow ended up in DC. Great list! Happy TT!
Mine is up!

Deanna said...

Great list
I love Chicago - I went to school not far from there. It's too cold and too big for me to want to live there but I do wish I lived close enough to visit once in a while.
My TT is up too!

Jenny Ryan said...

I'm so impressed you ran a marathon!

Brony said...

Sounds like a great place.
Happy TT!

Rachel said...

I've never been, but it sounds great!

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Caylynn said...

Any place with great running trails is a great place to live. :) That's one of the things I loved about Ottawa, and love about Munich, are all the great running trails. :) I've run a marathon too, and plan to do another in the spring. :)

Happy T13. :)

Cindy said...

Melissa, what a lovely blog you have! I too LOVE Chicago. I've heard so many good things about of my dearest co-workers of all time, Mike Schlote, graduated from there.

I live less than two hours from Chicago, and we try to make it in there as often as possible. It would be silly to live so close to one of the most amazing cities in the world and not take advantage of it! I can feel a pre-Christmas trip coming on. The Magnificent Mile is gorgeous dressed up for Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Threads Of Gold said...

Yay Chicago! I was just downtown last week :)

Sammy said...

Hello dearest friend, I'm back and this post almost made me cry!! I missed you so much!!It was so weird for Dave and I to be there by ourselves! I'll call you later in between my mountains of laundry, vacuuming and grocery shopping!
I love you!

Jennifer said...

I've never been to Chicago, it sounds awesome! I love Indian food!
really nice TT list!

Jenny in Ca