Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things I'm excited about today.

1. It's finally started to get cooler around here after a recent heat-wave! We've been in the low 60's for the past 4 days, and while it's been nice, it's not supposed to be this warm at the end of November!!

2. My new business- I've become an independant consultant with The Body Shop at Home. I am off to a HUGE start with tons of Pampering Parties on my calender!

3. Ella is sleeping through the night! After more than a year of waking up every few hours, I'm finally getting at least 6 hours of straight sleep every night. Now, if I could just get myself to bed before midnight.....

4. Todd's job is going really well. After a rough 4-month period of unemployment this summer, he's back working and making more than he made at his last job! Praise the Lord! We are finally getting caught up on some bills again!

5. Christmas shopping is underway. I've got almost everything for the girls, with the exception of the traditional Christmas pj's. And those are going to be matching and very cute. I'm on the search for the perfect ones! Has anyone seen the pink sock-monkey pj's at Target? Tres cute. If I can find them in the right sizes, those are the ones I'm getting.

6. My Beth Moore Bible study at church. OHHHHH.... if you have never done one of her studies you are missing out! We are doing "Believing God." Can I just tell you , it is like Gold to me right now!! I have been a Christian for a long time and I am learning new things in ways I had never thought of before. It's incredible.

7. The Beth Moore conference I'm attending in February. Yippee! 2 days of an incredible speaker, incredible worship, and a break from my lovely children!

8. It's Thursday night, and that means Grey's Anatomy tonight! And a new episode too. Life is good.

9. The new makeup I'm wearing. It feels good to try to look decent again!

10. 2 new scrapbooking jobs I recently received. I've got one client who needs 14 page kits put together. She bought them at the store I work at. Should be some nice Christmas money. And, the main client that I design for just called and said she has a ton of pictures set aside for me to scrapbook. I'm going to be busy!!!1

11. Today is the 1st day of DSL in our house. Yes, we've been living in the stone age and getting our internet through dial-up methods. Not anymore, and can I say, it's beautiful!

12. I bought a cute Christmas card holder at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It hangs on the wall and has 5 pockets to hold the many Christmas cards that are about to flood my mailbox. Hint, hint.

13. I'm done with this list! Finding 13 things I'm excited about is harder than I thought!

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Blonde Chick said...

Congrats on getting DSL finally! It's quite a change!

Great list today!

Tammy said...

I love Thursdays!! Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy!! WOOHOO!! Great list!

theresa said...

Congrats on hubby's job going well, congrats on scrapbook orders and congrats on DSL baby! Yes, you do have a lot to be happy about...

And, oh how I love to meet another Grey's fan!! (I'm a newbie). I had two surgeries about eight weeks ago and I got caught up on all the seasons. You should read my post on 10 ways you know your addicted to Grey's Anatomy! I would leave the link here, but I'm not sure how to do that and all!

Thanks for stopping by and here's to gettin' some zzzzz's!!

Can I get an Amen? :)

theresa said...

Sorry I didn't mean to hijack your comments but I forgot one more thing...

I didn't set the sock-monkey pj's at Target but' - my favorite animal! So I'm sure they are stinkin' cute.

We got Hello Kitty xmas and Dora xmas jammies at Kohl's. I was going to buy the girls the same but I decided to get the same style just different characters. They're adorable!

k, T-Lo out!

Melissa said...

Oh yes, the pj's are STINKIN cute! They're pink flannel, with those retro sock-monkey dolls on them. I found a size 4T for my oldest, but they were out of the 12 months size for my youngest. Oh- they have matching robes too! Somebody stop me!

AnnaMary said...

Great list!!! I love the different jobs that you do and I think I mentioned this, but I love the name Ella. So pretty!]
Happy TT!

Aimee said...

Amen to #11! We just got DSL ourselves and we cannot believe how much we have come to enjoy it. SOmetimes I call the hubs while I'm on the computer just because I can!
Thanks for visiting me!
Happy TT!

Becky said...

Thanks for coming by! Great list & I will definitely be back to read more!

sister michelle said...

sorry i haven't been able to call you back...good to hear what you've been up to, though!! so excited to hear more about the body shop endeavor...short on cash right now, but would love to see what you're selling! also, you're "emma quote" made me laugh out loud (the christmas posting)!!! i will try to call you monday if i'm not working.