Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little Bit of Fun

Mmm! Love those chicken nuggets

What are you lookin at?

The whole gang chows down.

My friend had a great idea last week. She invited some kids over to her house for a Valentine's party. The kids ate lunch, played for a while, and then made some crafts. At the end, they passed out valentines to each other. Everyone had a great time, even the younger ones. The moms enjoyed some time out of the house too! As you can see, my children are the palest, I mean fairest, ones there. Gotta love that Welsh/Celtic skin! (The manufacturers of WaterBabies sunscreen love us too!)


Barb said...

Adorable photos, Melissa. What a fun thing to do with the kids. And your Texas sheet cake sounds wonderful, too.

Elizabeth said...

We're very fair too - me and the kids. No tanning here LOL

The Wilson's said...

How fun. My son has his valentines day party at school today. He was so excited, it was almost like Christmas...getting up extra early.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sammy said...

What sweet girls-I could never see enough pictures of them! Post more!

Mz Deanna said...

How sweet! Love the little ones! Sounds like it was fun!

marlise said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like you all had a great time.

Chanda said...

I love these--they are getting so big!

On a side note:
Mimi really loves that lotion you sent me for Christmas. She asked me again where I got it and I told her you gave it to me as a gift, but that you are selling it, too. Maybe you should send her an e-mail link to your website.

Love you,

Nikki said...

what a cool party!! looks like tons of fun!