Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Winter Fun

Emma, enjoying her time out in the snow. She was happy here, but seconds later she was in tears because she forgot to wear her new Strawberry Shortcake Hat.

Sisters having fun in the snow. Poor Ella has such a bad rash on her face from a recent runny nose.

Pretty for the camera!

Why does Ella always look so mad? I was hard pressed to get her to smile for any of these pictures.


Don't bother me, I'm busy surveying the landscape.

We took the girls out the other day in the snow. Emma has been begging to go out and play, so we finally bundled them up and headed outside. The only problem is, Todd and I don't have proper winter-fun attire. I nearly froze myself solid in just a winter coat and running shoes. The girls did well though. Ella just kept laying face down in the snow and Emma was consumed with building snow blocks.


Chanda said...

Those pictures are just perfect! Your girls are so beautiful--and they appear to be having some fun. Grace wants it to snow so badly here, but it has only done so one evening this winter and it was all melted by 2 the next day:(
Oh, well. It was 77 yesterday and we went outside. Not too bad.

Love you guys! XOXOXO to the girls for me!

Sammy said...

What's that white stuff in the background? Oh yeah I kinda remember it! Great pics of the girls! Love you!