Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend Update

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. Life has been so busy and is flying by way to fast for my liking. I think I'm just going to give an overview of the past few days.


Got up super early for a 6:30 am flight to Leader Retreat with The Body Shop. That meant getting up at 4 am after a really short night. Of course, Ella was up a lot of the night and I was exhausted! Not to mention, a bit afraid. I HATE flying! In fact, I was thinking that I would rather give birth without an epidural, something that I have done 2x so I do know what I'm wishing for here, rather than fly on an airplane. I know, I'm probably crazed in the head. Well the flight went well, and I'm still alive to tell about it, so I guess it wasn't that bad. I got to the hotel, which was in view of the airport, around 11 am. The airline lost my bags, so I was without everything, even a toothbrush. Went straight to meetings, a small break for dinner and retrieving my lost luggage, and then meetings the rest of the night. After meetings ended around 9pm, we went to the hotel sports bar for appetizers and drinks. I have never paid so much for a drink in my life! Good thing I'm a one-drink kind of girl, or I would've broken the bank. One cosmopolitan cost me $10 by the time I paid tax and the obligitory 20% gratuity that was added to my bill. About 11pm, I fell into bed, exhausted!!!


I was up by 7am to be at breakfast by 7:45. Meetings started at 9am. This was a fun morning because they launched a new product line, Wise Woman-a skin care system for mature skin, and The Body Shop founder, Anita Roddick spoke. This was the first time I had ever heard her speak and she was fantastic. They also shared some of the charitable organizations that they have been working with, such as The National Coalition for Domestic Violence, the Polaris Project, and a new campaign with MTV called "Spray to Change Attitudes". This new project features a new fragrence called Rougeberry and the procedes benefit HIV awareness worldwide.
The rest of the day was filled with meetings, till around 9pm. We then had a "Fun Night" filled with various relaxing activities, raffles for Community Trade products, a cash bar, and product testing stations. Overall, it was a fun evening.


I was up at the crack of dawn again, in meetings by 9am. We listened to a motivational speaker, Belinda Ellsworth, and then they launched another line, Body Focus. These products are each made for different problem areas, i.e. cellulite, stretch marks, firmness, etc. They don't promise to take these things away, just lessen them. After hearing Anita speak one more time, I headed out to the airport. At the airport I got to visit with a good friend from college that I hadn't seen in a long time. The time went by way to fast and I was back on the plane before I knew it.


I really enjoyed spending time with Todd and the girls on Monday morning. I really missed them while I was gone. Todd found that the brake fluid in his car was gone, so he had to take my car to work. I decided to hitch a ride to my Body Shop meeting that night, taking the girls with me. BIG MISTAKE! The girls were actually very well behaved, but I ended up spending the entire meeting in the play room. I found myself thinking, "I could have stayed home and done this." We got home at 10:15 pm and I had the pleasure of putting two extremely tired and cranky girls to bed by myself. I am never going to do that again!


Today has actually been a good day. Went to MOPS, came home to a clean house (yeah Todd!), put the girls down for a nap, got Todd off to work, spent time cleaning some more and the usual other stuff that happens in a day. I just put the girls to bed for the night and I think I'm going to just go read my book. Nothing great on tv, so I'm off to relax!


Sammy said...

That was quite the update! Ok, so I'm still working on my post from Sun. Hannah missed school on Mon. and we have been doing homework non-stop!

michelle collazo said...

so, is your business going to boom now?!! sounds like an action-packed weekend from start to finish. must have been fun to do something non-child-related, though! talk to you soon!

Julie said...

Hey! You didn't mention *where* this conference was!