Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday was like summer in our neck of the woods. I believe I heard that we reached 80 degrees and set a new record for the day. All day long I kept shaking my head and thinking, "I can't believe it's still March!"
Seems like whenever we get a day with lots of sunshine and warm weather, we are all in a better mood. Todd took Emma over to church to check up on the installation of the new sound system. It was perfect timing, because Ella was napping and I had a few hours to myself! I cleaned the kitchen up and used the time to make my Body Shop phone calls and get ready for the day at a leisurely pace. By the time Ella woke up, Todd was walking in the door with Emma and we all sat down for lunch.
Right after lunch, I headed out the door with the girls. A friend had called and said she was headed to the mall and wanted us to join her. The temps were still climbing and I panicked a little when I realized that I didn't really have any warm weather clothes available for Emma. I managed to scrounge up a short-sleeved shirt for Ella, but Emma had to wear a long sleeved shirt and corduroy pants. Yes, I know. I felt bad for her. By the time we got back from the mall, it was shorts weather, and I promptely changed the girls into t-shirts and shorts. Good thing I had picked up a few new shirts for Emma while I was there!
The girls are growing up so fast. They continue to amaze me. Ella is really starting to say some words. In the past few weeks she's starting saying: Mama, Daddy (MiMi, yes, this is as unfortunate as it sounds) Emma (MehMeh), Ella, ball, bubbles (buhbuhs), apple (ah-poh), bye-bye, spoon (phoon), bottle (bahbah), baby, diaper (dahbah), hot (aht), teeth (tee), bath (BAH!), and the ever favorite, Uh-Oh! Of course, you'd probably have to be her parent to recognize half of these, but some of them are really clear!
Emma is also progressing in her language skills, able to understand more abstract concepts lately. As a result of her Cubbies, MOPS, and Sunday School classes, she is growing in her knowledge of the Lord and with that is coming some understanding of the basic concepts of Christianity. I have often used that to my advantage while disciplining her. The other day I was asking her to do something and she was doing her best to avoid obeying. I reminded her that one of the 10 commandments is "Children, obey your parents," and that it makes God happy when we choose to obey. She responded with, "Oh yeah! Ok, mommy, I will obey." And she got right up and did what I asked her to do! If only it could always be that easy!
Well today isn't supposed to be nearly as nice. I think we are only forcasted to get up to 65 degrees and it's overcast and rainy. But that's ok. We really enjoyed our day yesterday and I know more of those days aren't too far away!

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michelle collazo said...

i love that you've recorded ella's pronunciation of first words...i have a similar list from mom and it's a treasure. i also loved saying all of them out loud and chuckling to myself. the niece i've never met sounds sweet as can be!