Friday, April 20, 2007

I Don't Talk Spanish

Dora the Explorer has always been a big hit in our house. Emma fell in love with her at about 18 months old. Now that she's almost 4, which means she's practically all grown up, she doesn't like Dora quite as much. But that's ok, because Ella's here to pick up the slack.

Yesterday we were watching Dora and it got the part where Backpack puts all his things back into the backpack. After that, he always exclaims, "Yum, yum, yum, delicioso!" Feeling nostalgic, I told Emma that she always used to say "Delicioso" when Backpack said it. Well apparently that didn't sit well with her. She wrinkled up her nose and furrowed her brow and then emphatically told me that "No, I don't talk Spanish!" As if I've completely fallen off my rocker to even think such a thing!

In other funny moments of the day, and there are plenty, Emma was looking outside and wishing she could go out. It was almost 8pm, and after babysitting 2 extra kids, I was exhausted. I told her we would go out another day and she said, "But I can just go out by myself." Enter the lecture about all the scary people out there who are just waiting to snatch her if Mommy isn't watching. Anyway, she told me in a very grown up way that she could go play outside by herself when she grows up. I told her yes. And she said, "Yes, when I'm 88, I can go outside to play by myself." Yes, Emma, when you're 88, you can play outside by yourself. Sounds good to me!

Ella is starting to say a whole lot more these days too. I am continually amazed at how much she understands-must be a result of having an older sister. Every time I brush my teeth or she sees someone brushing their teeth, she points at the medicine cabinet and yells, "TEE!TEE!" And if I don't let her brush her own teeth, a HUGE tantrum follows. So, we have many tantrums, on a daily basis. I've learned that I have to just walk away and that usually does the trick. Tantrums aren't as fun if you don't get what you want as a result!

And in other news, PRAY FOR MY SANITY TODAY! I babysat 2 young boys yesterday while their mom was having an emergency ultrasound. She just called me and asked me to watch them now because they are rushing her to the hospital to give her steroids because they think she is in pre-term labor. So this makes my prayer request sound so petty, given her situation, but I'm already watching another friend's 2 young kids today while she has a non-stress test for her pregnancy. Wow- pregnant women all around me are having high-risk pregnancies! Anyway, 6 children under the age of 4 in my 800-square foot apartment is going to be a real test of patience. I'm tired already!


Sammy said...

Hi sweet friend!
I hope your day is not as stressful as you think and you sure are kind to help your friends out! I got your call but I'm waiting for at least a small time period where we can chat-I might have to give up and call in the midst of the chaos ( don't worry-not today-in the midst of yours!)
love you!

Julie said...

Hang in there. Oh...and if you could sometime soon, could you send me Emma's measurements? Just strap her down and measure across the chest. Please. :)

marlise said...

So, how did the day go? I was thinking of you and praying for you and your friends. I'm sure your were a big help and managed beautifully.