Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Fun Weekend Was Had By All..

or at least me. I'm pretty sure that Todd was happy to have me back home. After my brief stint at the scrapbook retreat, I returned home to the land of sticky faces and Mt. Washmoredishes.


I had such a fabulous time while I was away that it really wasn't too hard to return. I wouldn't say I came back more rested, but certainly more refreshed.

When we arrived at the Scrap Palace, we were immediately taken by it's charm. It was set in a lovely Victorian-style house that was in the cutest little town. As we pulled in the driveway, I noticed that they had a ramp that led down to the scraproom. Bonus! I had anticipated lugging my HUGE WHEELED TOTE up a flight of stairs or two. So getting set up for my adventure turned out to be a piece of cake.

After we unloaded the car, we met the owners of the establishment and were shown our room. Let me just say that this house is so lovely! We felt years of midnight feedings and referring sibling arguements begin to fall right off of our exhausted souls. Ok, maybe not years, but at least a few months worth! We stayed in the Tranquil Room, and it was decorated with several peaceful shades of blue and green. The bathroom was right across the hall, and had a huge claw-foot tub that I was quite interested in trying out. Then I reminded myself that I was here on a mission, and I had some serious scrapping to do.

We headed down to the scrap room and spent the next hour or so getting set up, arranging our things the way we liked them. I think we did start working on our first layout, but then it was time to eat lunch.

We were treated to fabulous food all weekend, including ham and cheese panini with tomato soup, lasagne, salad with balsamic dressing, multi-grain breads, breakfast bake, fresh fruit, and croissants. The desserts were great too...chocolate mousse, ice cream, and chocolate croissants to name a few. All of the food was made from scratch and we were served restaurant-style. In addition to all of this, they kept a fridge in the crop room- fully stocked with ice cold sodas and water. Plus there was a snack bar down there too...and all of this was included in the price of the weekend.

We stayed up till 3am on Saturday night and then woke up and were scrapbooking by 8:30 am the next morning. So I really didn't get much sleep, but I did manage to finish 15 pages! And for those of you who are thinking....what? That's it? That doesn't sound like much! Let me tell you, we're not talking about pages that have their photos cut into various shapes, surrounded by random sticker placement. No. We're talking well-thought out pages, pages that have design elements on essence, art. Stop laughing. At least I like to think of them as art.

After all of this fun on a "mini" weekend, we are already planning for a full-weekend excursion in the fall. The cost is considerably higher, but worth every penny. As I told my friend while we were there, "I'm loving this so much, I hate for it to end. I feel like I could do this for a week straight!" One can always hope, right?

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michelle collazo said...

a week-long stay would definitely give you time to try out that cozy tub!