Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm not sure if my brain can handle it...

But this is the weekend that I get to escape! It really can't come soon enough. I love my family, I do. But sometimes Mom needs a break!
A few weeks ago, I got some money for Christmas from Todd's grandparents. The very 1st thing I thought of buying was a scrapbooking weekend. Now those of you who don't scrapbook will probably not understand the appeal of something like this. But let me tell you, it sounds like heaven!
I normally would not be able to afford a scrapbook retreat, as most of them run between $200-$300 for the weekend. But I received a $50 gift certificate towards a weekend at a local scrapbook store. Put that together with the fact that a local B&B was offering a $99 mini-weekend special, and voila! I'm able to go!
So here's how my weekend will go. Tomorrow morning a friend of mine is meeting me at my house around 9:30 am. We are going to hit a few area scrapbook stores before arriving at the scrapbook B&B. Check-in time is at 11am, and I assume that we'll just get settled into our room and get our supplies set up at our tables. Lunch is at 12:30. After that, it's uninterupted creativity for the rest of the day! There will only be 12 people in attendance, and we each get our own table and comfy chair. Drinks and snacks are provided all day and we also get dinner in the evening. The scrap room is open 24 hrs a day, so we can stay up as late as we want and sleep in in the morning. At least that's my plan! We have brunch on Sunday and then check-out is at noon.
I've taken the time to sketch out some of my layouts and put the sketches together with some paper, photos, and embellishments in 2-gallon plastic bags. Since we only have 24 hrs, I want to make the most of my time. Figuring out what to use would really slow me down, and this method helps me stay focused. My goal is to be caught up with my pictures through last summer (I'm currently on last spring). That way I will only have the fall and Christmas to scrapbook when I return.
Well, I've got a pot of White Chicken Chili on the stove and I'm ready to feed the family and get ready for tomorrow. I'll stop by and let you in on all the glorious details when I return!

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Chanda Canup said...

I hope you had a wonderful time....I'm sure you did! Times like that you just soak up as much of it as you can, knowing it is one of those perfect gifts from His hand! Love you!