Friday, January 04, 2008

Je n'parle pas anglais.

This morning we were in the midst of our traditional morning craziness, i.e. getting everyone fed and the hubby out the door to work. Todd and the girls were sitting at the table eating and Todd and I were talking about the results of the Iowa Caucus as I made my breakfast. Since apparently one of us didn't take high school government (love you honey!), I was explaining what a caucus was to a certain someone at the table. A minute or so after we finished talking, Emma says to me, "Mom, can I invite my friends?"

"What?" I say.
"Can I invite my friends?" replied Emma.
"Honey, I don't know what you are talking about." I said.
"CAN I INVITE MY FRIENDS?" I guess she thought the extra emphasis would help me know what in the world she was talking about. I still didn't get it.
"Sweetheart, I STILL have NO IDEA what you are talking about!" I said with more than a little frustration in my voice.
"To the caucus! Can I invite my friends?"
I could not even attempt to contain my laughter. "No, Emma, it's for grow-ups." Never mind the fact that Michigan is having a Primary, not a caucus. That fact really would have been lost on her and would've opened up another discussion that I simply wasn't interested in having. Not before I had my 1st cup of coffee at least.
"But I'll be quiet!" Says Emma, in her best pleading voice.
"You're not going to the caucus, Emma. And we're not talking about this anymore." Ok, even as I typed that sentence, the uncontrollable laughter started again. Kids.


Chanda Canup said...

Look at you with your french! I only took one quarter, so here's my guess: "I don't speak English? No?"

Alice (in wonderland) got a prize for running in the Caucus race. Maybe Todd read too much Lewis Carroll.

michelle collazo said...

yeah, that one got a laugh out of me, too!